Announcement: SEPA Payments Soon by khashfa store

What is SEPA?

The Single Euro Payments Area is a system of transactions created by the European Union (EU). SEPA payments are transactions made under this system of transactions. More information can be found  here.

Prerequisites for Making a SEPA Payment

  • A successful YOTI Verification is not required
  • Transactions have a minimum payment of 25 EUR and a maximum of 5000 EUR
  • This payment method is available for advertisers in the EU and UK
  • EU Bank Accounts must have an associated IBAN number
  • A European Address in the My Profile section

Is the YOTI Identity Verification required?

No, a successful YOTI Identity Verification is not required. However, we highly encourage you to complete the verification to validate your account’s identification details and gain access to other payment methods that do require the YOTI Verification (Wire Transfer, 2000Charge, Paxum, Crypto).